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I would recommend Mobile On Site Moms to anyone who desires reliable, compassionate, professional services. Shermanda Ramsey is a jewel! Her ability to connect with children is amazing. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her 8 years ago when I was in desperate need of child care for my two little ones, one of which is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and Infantile Autism. Her care for him was just amazing!!!

The time she and her staff took to attend to him (being that his needs required more attention to detail) was something every mom with a special needs child needs to feel and see to be comfortable with leaving there child, Shermanda and her staff always made sure I was always comfortable and always asked questions to specifically what his special needs were for the day(ie...therapy..etc). In closing, you can not go wrong with this service. I give it my personal stamp of five stars!!!!

Thank you,
Mia Baldwin

We are the extended hands, with a mom's heart, that save you time.

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We have known Ms Shermanda a Ramsay for quite some time now and have trusted her with our little ones without disappointment. We could rest assured knowing our kids were safe with her, not just physical, but most definitely Spiritually as well.

We never had a disappointing moment, she was always on time, always there for our little ones. Josiah our son and Tarika our daughter was always happy to go and be there and sometime, literally, did not want to leave there. I do believe and I can say from experience, I had no problem then, neither would I in the future have a problem, to take back and entrust my kids in her care, it's that simple. Due to change in military assignment we had to move away to anther state. My kids love her and miss her and the time my kids had with her was a God sent Blessings.

~Allan Smith

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